Carroll Midgett Retires as Chief Operating Manager of APWU Health Plan

Rocky Midgett, Chief Operating Manager of the APWU Health Plan, will retire after almost 42 years of service. Mr. Midgett began his career with the APWU Health Plan in 1981 as Senior Systems Programmer. He quickly rose through the ranks, holding positions as the Division Manager of Operations Support, before being appointed as the Chief Operating Manager in 1991.

During his tenure as Chief Operating Manager, Rocky Midgett oversaw the growth and success of the APWU Health Plan. He led the development of innovative new products like the Consumer Driven Plan in FEHB, improved customer service, and reduced costs. He also played a key role in the plan’s adoption of new technologies.

Mr. Midgett is a highly respected leader in the health care industry. He is the Chariman of the Association of Federal Health Organizations (AFHO). He is also highly respected by his colleagues for his leadership, his expertise, and his sense of humor.

In his retirement, Midgett plans to spend more time with his family and his boat. He also plans to travel and volunteer in his community.

The APWU Health Plan is grateful for Rocky Midgett’s many years of service. He has made a significant contribution to the success of the plan, and he will be missed by his colleagues and members.

On behalf of the Health Plan Board I would like to express that Rocky Midgett has been a tremendous asset to the APWU Health Plan. He has helped to make the plan what it is today, and we are grateful for his many years of service.

The APWU Health Plan wishes Rocky Midgett all the best in his retirement and we know that he will be missed.

A gathering in honor of Mr. Midgett’s retirement was held on August 03, at the APWU Health Plan headquarters in Glen Burnie, MD.