Puerto Rico

At the APWU National Convention in Orlando representatives from the Puerto Rico Local union asked that I investigate our network of doctors in Puerto Rico for the APWU Consumer Driven Option. Some members have reported that doctors listed in our online directory are refusing to accept the APWU Consumer Driven Health Plan.

The results of that investigation are as follows: Consumer Driven Health Plan Members in Puerto Rico can use the MAPFRE and UnitedHealthcare networks of providers. We have worked with United Health Care to send a letter to every member in Puerto Rico to inform them of details of their coverage and how physicians can verify that they are part of our network.

Anyone can download the letter that was mailed from UnitedHealthcare to all APWU Health Plan members in Puerto Rico for complete details. This letter is part of my ongoing efforts to improve APWU Health Plan member’s access to doctors and high quality health care in Puerto Rico. Updates to follow as they become available.