The APWU has negotiated a ground breaking benefit for our PSE brothers and sisters. Once a PSE is reappointed after their first 360 day term, they are eligible to sign up for APWU Consumer Driven Option with the USPS paying 75% of the premiums!

To ensure eligible union members are aware of this benefit and to give them as much time as possible to secure high quality health care the APWU Health Plan is mailing PSE flyers directly to reappointed PSE’s.

While the folders sent to locals were well received, unfortunately in many locations the second orientation for health care was not made available by the USPS. This caused many PSE’s to have a very short window to sign up for APWU health insurance.

So to best serve the membership, folders will not be mailed to locals going forward and materials will be sent to the PSE directly. This change is to ensure that PSEs receive the information within their 60-day insurance enrollment eligibility window.

Those locals that would like folders for the second health plan orientation can obtain them by contacting the office of the director at 410-424-1504.

Thank you in advance for your support of the APWU Health Plan and our efforts to best serve the membership.