How To Take Your Child Off Your Health Insurance.

How Do I Take My Child Off My Health Insurance?

If your child is turning 26 soon you may want to make some insurance coverage changes.

If you want to stay in a Self and Family Health Benefits Plan, typically insuring more than two people, you do not need to take any action. Your child’s health insurance coverage continues for no charge for 31 days after their birthday. After that, they are not covered under your FEHB Health Benefits plan.

If you want to change your health insurance plan type to cover two or less people, you need to contact your payroll office. They will be able to switch your plan type for you and reduce the premiums taken from your paycheck. The APWU Health Plan is an insurance carrier and can’t make this switch for you as it impacts your  paycheck.

If your child still needs insurance coverage the Health Plan will send them a letter with instructions on how to enroll in our conversion plan insurance option. If you are not enrolled in the APWU Health Plan your child may purchase a Temporary Continuation of Coverage from your current insurer. Your child may also be eligible to  buy health insurance through the  government insurance marketplace (

You can learn more about taking your child off your Federal Employee Health Benefits plan by visiting the OPM website