High Option Members: How to fill a 90 day prescription at CVS or Walgreens

APWU High Option members should check their inbox for instructions on how to take advantage of the new 90-day prescription drug benefit available at in-network Smart90 retail pharmacies. If you did not receive the email please check your spam folder. You can update your email address contact with us  by calling 1-800-222-APWU.

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Attention High Option Members: New Smart90 Program

High Option members may now obtain (non-specialty) maintenance drugs at an in-network Smart90 retail pharmacy (CVS or Walgreens). If you are already using mail order and would like to start filling your prescriptions at CVS or Walgreens, you will need a new 90-day prescription. You cannot transfer your existing mail order prescription to the retail pharmacy.

For more information on Smart90, call Express Scripts at 800-841-2734.