(FAQs): Inovalon

Questions to the Director,
I wanted to share with you some issues that have been brought to my attention by our members when they contact me for help.

“I have received phone calls from a company called Inovalon. How did they receive my contact information and how do I opt out?”

The APWU Health Plan understands that our members lead busy lives and sometimes forget to schedule regular checkups and preventive screenings. The APWU Health Plan is driven to help our members achieve the best health and wellness possible.

Preventative care includes services like physicals, screenings and checkups. Preventative care detects in early stages illnesses, diseases, and other health problems so they can be treated in the least invasive manner possible. Early stage detection is when treatment is likely to work best. For APWU Health Plan members covered preventative care services are free of charge when delivered by an in network provider even if you haven’t met your deductible!

Inovalon is contracted by the APWU Health Plan to do outreach to our members in an effort to assist with scheduling visits and to remind you of preventative screenings that are due. These outreach efforts consist of mailings and telephone calls to both our members and their medical providers to ensure needed care and testing is not overlooked. These calls are to assist you in using your health benefits in the most beneficial way for you and your family.
If you do not wish to have these reminders, you may opt out by contacting us at (800) 222-APWU and we will remove you remove you from this service.