Happy Veterans Day

As a Navy veteran, today holds a very special meaning to me and my fellow brothers and sisters who served our country in uniform. I was one of the lucky ones. I received great training in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, served on board the USS California for multiple deployments and upon discharge, I was able to enjoy civilian life with my wife and three children. Too many of our veterans were not as fortunate as I and live with the consequences of honorably serving in our military. I think about that every day.

APWU-VETSI have been blessed with a great career with the US Postal Service and am now honored to serve my union family as the Director of our Health Plan. Join me and our entire team at APWUHP by appreciating the vets in your life.

Happy Veterans Day. Today and every day. Click here to see our special Veterans Day tribute.

John L. Marcotte
APWU Health Plan Director